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I promise not to waste your time: the four essays to be found here--only 48 pages in all--are truly "lean and mean", if I may say so myself.

But then they were always intended for an audience of tough and independent people who appreciate original, rigorously thought-out and coherent sets of ideas, and conversely, who don´t at all appreciate intellectual mud-baths, no matter how fashionable the "spas" offering them may be.

The internet is obviously the perfect instrument for the purpose of reaching as many such no-nonsense people as possible, and the fact that you, my esteemed reader, have arrived at this website, proves that this purpose is well on its way to being realized!

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>> SKEWB STAR   Special challenge/competition - 24 October 2018
This competition is now closed. For the results please see >> forum.cubeman.org

>> Proposed solutions to the Wolf Tooth Xtreme and Skewb Star Xtreme

>> MH370 disappearance seems to have been deliberately designed as a puzzle

Essay 1:
On the connection between Humour, Irony, Tragedy and Enchantment, the Intellect and the Emotions, and Consciousness

Essay 2:
On the connection between Fate, Drama and Meaning or: The “Weirdom” of the Weird Sisters

Essay 3:
On having “class” in a sea of circumstances: The Monkey-King Sun Wu-Kong´s role in the Journey to the West

Essay 4:
The superiority of the humanistic over the religious instinct on injustice, suffering and courage

The Conundrum

Very general guide to solving the KAOSTIKON

The KAOSTIKON = the CONUNDRUM in an exclusive stickerless format; it can be found at www.speedcube.se